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October 31, 2022 – Our Veterinary Student Scholar program inspires veterinary students to explore careers in animal health research, and in return, they inspire us!

Thanks to your support, we are providing valuable research opportunities to students in Australia, Indonesia, Rwanda, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Kenya, as well as the United States.


Bladder Cancer
Receptor’s role in urothelial carcinoma

Novel treatment strategy

CAR T-cell immunotherapy

Knee Surgery
Cranial cruciate ligament disease

One Health
Dogs in African nomadic communities

Mast Cell Tumors
Potential new treatment

Mitral Valve Disease
Drivers of disease progression

Immune modulation using honeybee products (apitherapy)


Chronic Kidney Disease
Potential biomarker of renal damage

Fungal Infection
Sporotrichosis pathobiology

Health and behavior survey of Uruguay cats


Drug Testing
Biomarker for bisphosphonate administration

Gastric Ulcers
New therapy dosage and dose intervals

Fatty Tumors
Lipomas, intestinal obstruction and colic


Bats & Pesticides
Environmental pollution threats

Elephant Diagnostics
Coagulation testing for deadly hemorrhagic disease

Frogs, Snakes & Toxins
Biomarkers of chemical exposure in Australian green tree frogs and carpet pythons

Mexican Gray Wolf Diseases
Modeling exposure to common dog pathogens

Rwandan Wildlife Biohazards
Toxic hazards for mountain gorillas and other wildlife

Sea Turtle Tumors
Viral causes of fibropapillomatosis

Sand Tiger Shark Diet
Wild diet profile to improve care and recovery

White Rhinoceros Health
Seasonal dietary shifts and environmental estrogens

Wyoming Toad Microbiome
Information for reintroduction efforts