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July 26, 2021 – Foundation donor and golden retriever lover Pam Blair has high hopes for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. As a health care professional who’s worked in the human research community, Pam knows the value of a large, innovative, prospective study that provides a tremendous amount of carefully collected data, samples and research opportunities. Add to this a concern about the health and welfare of golden retrievers, and it was clear that the Study was something she had to support.

While currently loving her fifth golden retriever, Captain, Pam’s story is sadly familiar. She has endured the loss of four wonderful goldens to hemangiosarcoma in all its ugly and tragic forms. She and her dogs also weathered treatments for mast cell tumors.

“We also should strive for early identification and management of chronic diseases, whether genetic and/or environmental in nature, since we don’t always know how these factors interact,” said Pam. “Just like with people, chronic conditions such as allergies can influence quality of life for both the dog and their owners. It can make it difficult for our furry friends to experience everything this world has to offer them.”

While Pam is a keen believer in prevention, she sees the Study as a way to help not only owners, but the veterinary community, discover new approaches to help our beloved dogs live the longest, happiest, most pain-free lives possible. It’s part of why she chooses to support Morris Animal Foundation. Thank you, Pam!