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DENVER/May 3, 2021 – Morris Animal Foundation, a leader in advancing animal health, kicked off its eighth annual Stop Cancer Furever campaign on May 1. The two-month campaign, ending June 30, raises awareness about animal cancer and funds for research advancing cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Gifts can be made, and more information found, at Stop Cancer Furever. This year, Merck Animal Health, Petco Love and the Blue Buffalo Company are providing a dollar-for-dollar match for all gifts, up to $200,000.

“Cancer takes the lives of too many of our dogs, cats and horses, and animals in the wild,” said Tiffany Grunert, Morris Animal Foundation President and CEO. “The Foundation is committed to working toward new treatments and cures for the cancers that affect animals everywhere. Stop Cancer Furever is about sharing hope for the future of cancer treatment, increasing awareness and asking people who love animals to help in this mission.”

As part of the campaign, the Foundation also is virtually hosting the Stop Cancer Furever Challenge on June 26. Participants can sign up on the campaign page, choose their own challenge, set a goal and share their story to let friends, family and the community know why fighting cancer is important to them. Activities could include walking a mile, reading a book or even knitting a sweater. Every person who signs up will receive a toolkit complete with swag, flyers and a customizable Wall of Hope certificate to show why they are participating in the Stop Cancer Furever Challenge.

Cancer is a disease that impacts animals everywhere. Each year, more than 12 million pets in the United States are diagnosed with cancer. It is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 2 and the second leading cause of death in cats. Since 1962, Morris Animal Foundation has funded more than 340 cancer studies, invested nearly $50 million, and continued to make strides against the disease, thanks to generous donor support.

Gifts to the Foundation during the campaign will help fund active animal cancer studies, including ones that will:

  • Evaluate a promising new treatment for oral squamous cell carcinoma, a devasting feline oral cancer.
  • Test the potential of a drug to treat rapidly progressing canine cancers, including high-grade mast cell tumors, acute leukemias and histiocytic sarcomas.
  • Investigate the efficacy of a novel treatment for ocular surface squamous neoplasia, a type of eye cancer in horses.
  • Assess potential vaccine targets as first steps toward developing a preventive strategy against two contagious facial cancers in Tasmanian devils.

In addition to raising funds for cancer research, Morris Animal Foundation will provide pet owners and animal lovers free, downloadable cancer prevention checklists and other educational cancer-related content. The Foundation also will share stories of donors who lost their pets to the disease and learn why those owners support the Foundation and the Stop Cancer Furever campaign.

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