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May 12, 2022 — When Louie developed an unusual cancer, his owners, Dana Gallo and Michael Davis, and veterinarian Dr. Leonard Silverman of Prospect Park Animal Clinic in Brooklyn, New York, were understandably worried about the beloved cat. Their first priority was to make sure Louie got the best treatment possible while maintaining his quality of life. They turned to Morris Animal Foundation for help.

“Dr. Silverman told us the Foundation had done a lot of impressive cancer research,” said Dana. “He was able to find a treatment option tested in a Foundation-funded study he thought we should try.”

Once treatment began, Louie responded well to the medication combination recommended and, said Dana, was able to live the rest of his life pain-free and active.

“We’re so grateful our veterinarian did his research and came up with a treatment plan that worked for Louie,” said Dana, who has been taking her cats to Prospect Park Animal Clinic for over 30 years. “The reason we were able to take advantage of medication as an option for Louie was because of the research funded by the Foundation. Louie had two more good years after being diagnosed with a rare cancer at a young age.”

Dana’s positive experience led her to learn more about the Foundation. She became a donor in 2006 and is proud her donations help animals around the world have better outcomes when diagnosed with cancer, including cats like Louie.

“I feel it’s terribly important that the research being funded by the Foundation be assisted in any way to help other pets,” said Dana.

Morris Animal Foundation has funded cat cancer research since 1981. We’ve made progress, especially in the area of cancers due to feline leukemia infection, but much work remains to be done in understanding, preventing and treating the different types of cancers affecting cats.

Through support from people like you, we were able to make a difference for Louie, Dana and Michael. Learn more about our work on cancer in cats and what you can do to help cats like Louie live their best life ever!