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October 19, 2021 – Michael and Helen Dutton’s mantra, both personally and professionally, could be summarized as “pay it forward.”

The couple lives in New Hampshire, where Michael practices veterinary medicine (and is the only quadruple-boarded veterinary practitioner in the United States), and Helen helps with recruiting and finance in their two bustling practices.

Participating in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study with their dog Carly is a special way for them to help the next generation of dogs and their people. “I’ve had golden retrievers literally since I was born,” said Helen. The Duttons have welcomed many animals into their family, and like so many others, have experienced the heartache of losing a pet to cancer, so the Study is personal as well.

Also self-proclaimed science nerds, they find a lot to “geek out” over in the Study.

“I love science, I love progress and I get so excited to see new developments,” said Helen. “I can’t wait to see the findings that come out of the Study. I get chills thinking about all this information and how what we learn about cancer could not only help dogs, but people, too!”

As veterinary professionals, Helen and Michael have a soft spot for all animals, from exotic pets to dogs and cats. In addition to participating in the Study, they’re also generous financial supporters of the Foundation, another way they pay it forward to advance science for all the animals they love!