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July 26, 2022 – The Orvis company first joined forces with Morris Animal Foundation in 2009 to fight canine cancer. Since then, Orvis and its customers have donated nearly $2M to advance canine research to improve the lives of dogs everywhere.

Tucker Kimball, Public Relations and Communications Manager at Orvis, pointed to a shared love of dogs as the basis for the partnership.

“At Orvis, we and our customers believe in the power of a deep connection with the outdoors,” said Tucker. “And we know that when we experience the natural world through the eyes, ears and noses of our dogs that connection is stronger. Dogs make our lives better. And we care deeply about canine health and well-being because we want them to live their best lives along with us.”

The Orvis Cover Dog Contest is a powerful reminder of how much dogs mean to all of us and is a fun way for people to celebrate their companions. Dog owners submit photos of their dogs to the contest where visitors can then vote for their favorite (or favorites). Each vote is a $1 donation that goes directly to Morris Animal Foundation and our critical research to help fight canine cancer. Thank you, Orvis, and all your customers for your generosity and support of canine health research!