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April 23, 2021 – With a strong commitment to philanthropy and canine health (as well as environmental causes), the Orvis Company first joined forces with Morris Animal Foundation in 2009 to fight canine cancer. Since then, Orvis and its customers have donated more than $1.5 million to advance cancer research and improve the lives of dogs everywhere.

Julia Zema, Campaign Manager for Digital Marketing at Orvis, pointed to a shared love of dogs and a common vision to find better treatments and new cures for canine cancers as reasons for the partnership’s success.

“Orvis respects the science behind the studies,” said Julia. “And, over the years, it has been a really fulfilling partnership.”

Orvis provides funding to the Foundation in several different ways, but donations received as part of the Orvis Cover Dog contest comprise the majority of giving. Dog owners submit photos of their dogs to the contest and visitors to the site can vote for their favorite (or favorites).

The small fee for submitting a photo and the $1 fee charged for each vote go directly to fund research.

After a recent update to improve the digital contest experience for participants, Orvis saw a 3,000% increase in voting. That translated to an additional $141,000 donated to the Foundation in just three months for canine cancer research! While improved access is part of the story, Julia said that allowing owners to connect around a worthy common cause is key to the popularity of the Cover Dog contest.

Thank you, Orvis, and all your customers for your generosity and support of canine cancer research. You are helping dogs live their best lives!