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November 6, 2019 – For 21 years, Jeffers Pet, a pet, equine and livestock supply company located in Alabama, has been supporting research at Morris Animal Foundation through customer donations matched by the company. And it all began with gorillas.

Dr. Keith Jeffers started Jeffers Pet in 1975, when his expertise, as well as the supplies he kept on hand for his own cattle, was sought after by local livestock owners. Soon, the first Jeffers catalog was launched and later on pet and equine versions were added.

In the course of his business, Dr. Jeffers and his daughter Ruth met David Morris, son of Dr. Mark Morris Jr., and president of ZuPreem, one of the nutrition companies featured in the Jeffers’ catalogs. Ruth and David developed a relationship around their families’ animal-focused businesses as well as the work of the Foundation.

“I was invited to attend a Morris Animal Foundation board meeting, and was so impressed by the work being done,” said Ruth Jeffers, CEO of Jeffers Pet. “Ruth Keesling had just gotten back from Africa and had the most amazing photos of silverback gorillas. As I learned more about what the Foundation was doing for all animals, I began to think about what we could do to be a part of that.”

But then, Dr. Jeffers developed leukemia and life changed. The Jeffers family involvement moved to fundraising through their catalogs. One of the first studies they helped fund was a leukemia study in dogs.

“That had special meaning for us as it had implications for human medicine, too,” said Ruth. “We continue to support Morris Animal Foundation because we know good things are being done – we are making a difference, our customers are making a difference and we are positively impacting the lives of animals.”

Thank you, Jeffers Pet family and your customers, for more than two decades of support for Morris Animal Foundation. You are helping animals everywhere have longer, healthier lives.