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DENVER/May 6, 2020 – Morris Animal Foundation is now accepting proposals for studies that will address environmental, social and emotional risk factors for health and welfare in cats. The Mark L. Morris Jr. Investigator Award will fund a study of up to $200,000 per year, for a maximum of three years. Grant applications are due by Wednesday, August 5, 2020, 4:59 p.m. EDT.

The Mark L. Morris Jr. Investigator Award is designed to support impactful companion animal research for which there is a pressing need, with the potential to make rapid, meaningful progress. First awarded in 2016, it was created to honor the legacy and vision of Dr. Mark Morris Jr., son of the Foundation’s founder, Dr. Mark Morris Sr. The feline behavior research project will be the second Mark L. Morris Jr. Investigator Award to be awarded.

The focus area of the award was determined following a survey of researchers and general veterinarians  that showed feline behavior, as related to the health and well-being of cats, was an area of critical research importance. Foundation staff convened a blue-ribbon panel of five feline behavior experts to identify topics relating to feline behavior for which significant scientific and/or clinical progress could be achieved if backed with a large research investment. An overarching theme was a need to enrich and optimize the physical and psychological environment for pet cats.

Applications involving combinations of epidemiological and interventional research are of particular, but not exclusive, interest and proposals may involve individuals or interdisciplinary groups of researchers.

Applications will be reviewed and rated, based on impact and scientific rigor, by a scientific advisory board, made up of feline behavior experts. Interested researchers can lean more and apply for the award here.

Morris Animal Foundation is one of the largest nonprofit organizations worldwide that funds health studies benefiting cats, dogs, horses, llamas, alpacas and wildlife. The Foundation currently is funding 150 studies encompassing a broad spectrum of species and diseases.

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