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DENVER/Dec. 14, 2023 – Michele Alpert of Colorado embraced life with a profound love for animals. Despite health challenges, Michele's devotion to her furry companions remained unwavering. 

"Her life was animals," said Sherri Alpert, Michele's sister. "She loved animals – all animals." 

Before Michele's passing in January, she allocated part of her estate to causes aligned with her passion for animals, directing a substantial gift to Morris Animal Foundation. Michele's affection for dogs, companions throughout her life, drove this generous contribution. 

"She had service dogs and, in recent years, her rescue dog Sylvie became her best friend," Sherri said. 

Michele's health struggles didn't deter her spirit, Sherri added. Fascinated by the Foundation's work with mountain gorillas in Rwanda, she ventured to Africa to witness their efforts firsthand. 

"People just loved her," Sherri reminisced. "She was just a character. For somebody so sick for so long, she never pointed at herself. It was never 'poor me.' She was very philanthropic. Whatever she had left, she gave."  

Want to leave a lasting impact like Michele? Planned giving is a powerful way to ensure that your love for animals endures for generations to come. Visit our planned giving resources today to learn more. 

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Media Contact: Annie Mehl