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April 26, 2022 – Have you had a chance to watch Golden Zoomies? The webinar series features presentations on a variety of canine health topics. While geared toward participants in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, dog owners everywhere can benefit from the valuable information shared.

The latest segment focuses on ongoing cancer research studies using Study data and samples.

Cancer, the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of two, is a top health concern for all dog owners, including golden retriever owners.

In the segment, Drs. Geoff Wood from the University of Guelph, Tom Roseberry of Loyal, and Study epidemiologist Julia Labadie discuss their projects and how they hope to move the needle when it comes to cancer in dogs.

Dr. Roseberry’s project focuses on DNA methylation. Methylation is a way the body regulates normal protein production, but it also can signal the presence of cancer. The Loyal team is analyzing samples from Study dogs to look for methylation patterns that might be associated with early cancer development.

Dr. Wood’s team also is interested in early cancer detection. They’re looking at microRNA (tiny bits of genetic material) in the blood of dogs with and without cancer. In people, certain types of microRNA are associated with cancer.

Dr. Labadie wraps up with a description of the three tiers of cancer diagnosis, and how the team uses this data when analyzing Study results.

If you missed this or any of our Golden Zoomies, the recordings are located on the Foundation’s YouTube channel.