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November 2, 2023 — Morris Animal Foundation’s mission – bridging science and resources to advance the health of animals – is 100% fueled by animal lovers like you. While early Foundation-funded studies were solely supported by proceeds from Dr. Mark Morris, Sr.’s science diets for pets – ½ cent for every can sold – today, the Foundation is principally funded by donors and their love for animals, supporting nearly 200 new health studies every year. 

Thanks to this overwhelming support, the Foundation has invested nearly $160 million in 3,000+ studies and counting, all to improve the health and quality of life for dogs, cats, horses and wildlife around the world. But there’s always more we can do.  

How You Can Be an Animal Health Champion 
Want to help improve the lives of cats, dogs, horses and wildlife worldwide? Here’s how you can be an animal health advocate. 

Animal health advocacy comes in many forms. You can donate to support animal health causes dear to your heart (like Morris Animal Foundation), you can educate yourself to be an informed pet parent to advocate for your furry friend’s health, or you can help spread the word about animal health challenges and wins with your friends, family and beyond. We love our animals so much, that many of us want to do more. 

Monthly Donations Create Sustainable Funding 
Loyal Friends are Morris Animal Foundation’s dedicated group of animal lovers that give on a monthly basis. By becoming a Loyal Friend, you join a community of advocates who help create sustainable support for animal health researchers around the world.  

Billions of dollars are spent each year on human medical research, and while government entities fund food-related animal health studies, almost nothing is set aside for companion or wildlife animal health research. It’s up to nonprofits like Morris Animal Foundation to fill this gap. 

Our funded researchers are champions for dog, cat, horse and wildlife health and work hard to find solutions for cancer, heart disease, emerging and spillover diseases and other serious health challenges in pets and wildlife. As a Loyal Friend, you’re joining this team. 

Your monthly donation supports studies to improve treatments, diagnostics, surgical techniques and ways to prevent disease – all to help veterinarians better care for your pets and to help wildlife managers save threatened and endangered wildlife worldwide. 

Stay Connected and Share, Share, Share 
Engage with our social media. Comment, like, forward, re-post. It’s quick and it’s easy. 

When you share one of our posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, you are helping to spread the word about animal health advances and tips to keep your pets happy and healthy. Sharing also helps new people discover us and our work.  

And it lets your friends know how important it is to you to support work that improves the care of animals everywhere, in our homes and the wild places we love. 

Send a Tribute Card 
Honor or celebrate your family and friends by sending a card or gift that improves the lives of animals everywhere. Celebrate a birthday, holiday or remember a friend or beloved pet that has died but will live on in your heart.  

By sending a card, you acknowledge a life event while letting your friends and family know Morris Animal Foundation is here to make life for animals and pet lovers just a little bit brighter and more hopeful.  

Proceeds from each card help support life-saving animal health studies. 

Check out Employer Matching Gifts 
Does your employer have a matching gift program? Matching gift programs are a great way to double the impact of your charitable giving. Check out our website to learn if your company is on the list and let your donations work twice as hard for the animals. It’s a smart investment! 

Start a Fundraiser  
Create your own online fundraiser or host an in-person event. Your options are limitless! Celebrate your birthday, a beloved pet’s adoption day or any other special occasion with your friends and family. 

Encouraging others to donate or attend your event, or simply sharing your page, is a great way to get the word out about Morris Animal Foundation’s work and why this work is so important to you and the animals in your life.  

Create Your Own Legacy 
Include Morris Animal Foundation in your estate plans. If you love animals, your gift will help generations of pets and wildlife live longer and healthier lives. Check out our free estate planning guide and give a gift of health to animals worldwide. Write your legacy! 

Thank You for Your Support  
Morris Animal Foundation is here to support both you and your veterinarian when your pet gets sick. We provide the latest information on familiar and not-so-common pet health challenges, from cancer to rare and deadly infections. 

We also help your veterinarian by funding research on animal diseases that provide them with the tools they need, including new and improved diagnostics, prognostics and treatments, to provide your dog, cat, or horse with the best care so your pet can get better.  

And if you are a wildlife lover, we also fund research to help wildlife managers and veterinarians manage disease and other illnesses in thousands of free-roaming species so we can enjoy these animals for generations to come.  

And all this is powered by Morris Animal Foundation donors and supporters like you. Your gifts and advocacy help support breakthroughs in animal health research that directly improve the health and well-being of pets and wildlife worldwide. 

And the need for finding new breakthroughs in animal health is so critical that our Board of Trustee members, animal lovers like you, are matching every donation up to $200,000 now through December 31 so we can fund even more life-saving studies. 


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