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November 6, 2019 – “Morris Animal Foundation is the only place I know that has the fervor and enthusiasm to get things done for our pets,” said Jody Teeter.

Jody and her husband, Stan Teeter, veterinarian and Morris Animal Foundation board member, are long-time supporters of animal health. Their giving venue of choice is donor-advised funds, a tax-friendly way to donate to nonprofit organizations.

“The great thing about donor-advised funds is that you can take advantage of tax breaks all in one year for a gift that keeps on giving for many years,” said Stan. “You also can make recommendations on how your gift will be used, and ours is to give to Morris Animal Foundation.”

Stan and Jody have a deep historical connection to the Foundation. Stan, who was working as a veterinarian at an Air Force base in Topeka, Kansas, sought out the help of Dr. Mark Morris Sr. back in the late 1950s. Under Stan’s care were 15 sentry dogs.

“The dogs had all sorts of health issues,” said Stan. “Dr. Morris agreed to meet with me and helped me work out a nutritional program for the dogs. Soon after, the dogs’ health problems resolved themselves and everyone thought I was a genius. But it was really thanks to Dr. Morris’ nutritional knowledge and prescribed diets!”

This collaborative meeting of the minds sparked a long-time friendship between the Teeters and the Morris family. After many years as a veterinarian in private practice, Stan ended up working with both Mark Sr. and his son Mark Jr. on nutritional research studies.

“Dr. Morris Sr. was a visionary in animal health, always 20 years ahead of his time,” said Stan.

The Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of animals through scientific innovation, education and inspiration, reflecting the spirit of Dr. Mark Morris Sr.’s work ethic. Join our animal-loving, science-savvy donors, Stan and Jody, and make a gift that keeps on giving to benefit animals everywhere.