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February 8, 2016 – A long-time animal rescue volunteer, trainer and animal lover, Jan Hitchborn originally began giving to Morris Animal Foundation after hearing about the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study through her local golden retriever rescue group. Jan learned about the many research and health initiatives funded by Morris Animal Foundation, encompassing a huge diversity of not just breeds of dog, but other animal species. She was impressed by the scope of the foundation’s mission, and chose to become a monthly donor, a true Loyal Friend.

Jan is familiar with the heartbreak of losing a pet. She has had dogs both young and old succumb to various forms of cancer. But those losses haven’t deterred her from her mission to provide a loving home to dogs and cats of all ages, no matter what health challenges they suffer from.

Jan’s monthly donation helps advance diagnostics, preventions, treatments and even cures for many diseases that affect our companion animals and wildlife. For Jan, cancer is of particular interest and she hopes to see continued progress in the early detection of cancer, as well as education for pet owners and animal lovers about animal health issues.

Monthly giving is one of the easiest ways to help the animals we love have a brighter, healthier future. In addition, monthly giving is convenient, consistent, sustainable, and secure. With a small or large monthly gift, you can become a Morris Animal Foundation Loyal Friend and contribute to critical science that will be part of live-saving solutions for animal health problems.

Being a Loyal Friend is just another way that Jan feels she can “do something good” for all the animals she loves. A recurring donation is a “small amount to pay to have an impact on so many animals; to hopefully get some answers.”

Consider becoming a monthly donor in the name of all the animals you love. Start your monthly donation online or call Jackie Poliseo, donor relations specialist, at 303.708.3417.