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January 20, 2022 — Certain habits can have a big impact on your dog's health and quality of life. Here are 10 easy tips to keep your furry-legged friends happy and healthy.

Exercise Daily
Just like us, studies show that regular exercise is good for our pets. You don’t have to go to extremes – even two walks per day can improve fitness. So, grab that leash and get outside – not only will your dog thank you, but studies suggest that people who regularly walk their dogs are healthier as well – a win-win for everyone!

Keep a Lid on the Treat Jar
More dogs than ever are obese or overweight. Extra body fat increases your dog’s risk of developing diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. One way to monitor if your pup is getting a little chubby is to use a body condition scoring system(which is A LOT easier than trying to step on a scale while holding a Great Dane)! 

Mind Benders
Dogs need mental stimulation to keep their minds sharp and help keep cognitive dysfunction syndrome at bay. Food puzzles, interaction with other dogs and play time are a few ways to keep dogs mentally fit!

Schedule Annual Veterinary Visit
Routine physical examinations can help detect small problems before they become large ones. See your veterinarian once per year for your dog’s wellness check. An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure.

Check for Lumps and Bumps
Give your dog a thorough once-over every month. Carefully feel for any kind of lump or bump. Early detection is a key to cancer prevention.

Avoid Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
Even dogs suffer negative health effects from exposure.

Play Every Day
Throw a ball, hide treats or play tug of war. Your dog will appreciate the stimulation and play time will strengthen your bond. The extra exercise is a health bonus, too.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth
Periodontal disease has the same negative health effects in dogs as in people and good dental health is an important part of a dog’s health regimen. With a little training, brushing your dog’s teeth every day not only helps their health but makes their breath much sweeter!

Clip Toenails
Toenails can become ingrown or impair your dog’s ability to walk. Regular trimming once per month keeps toenails in tip-top shape.

Lots of Hugs
Our canine pals look to us to provide love, comfort and support. Letting them know how special they are can make their day – and yours too! Hug your dog every day or, if your dog’s not a hugger, a belly rub works too!

Learn more about our current and past studies and what you can do to help us to improve the health of the dogs we love.

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