Animal Health Advisory Council FAQs

Who is eligible to serve on the Animal Health Advisory Council (AHAC)?

Members must be capable of providing unbiased feedback necessary to help the Foundation achieve our mission of bridging science and resources to advance the health of animals, and meet one or more of the criteria below: 

  • Research Activity: Research participation as a Primary or Co-Investigator resulting in direct contribution to multiple works of original, peer-reviewed scientific literature or publications in their area of expertise relevant to animal health, or at least two years of experience employed in a field related to biotechnology.
  • In-Practice Experience: Evidence of significant contribution to animal health or conservation in practice through educational degree(s), professional status, occupational history, and other records of accomplishments in clinical or academic practice, or fieldwork established over five or more years.
  • Educational Service: Evidence of significant contributions to animal health or conservation science in a higher education/institutional instruction capacity established over five or more years.
  • Grant History: Previous receipt of funding support from internal or external grant sources from within their area of expertise relevant to animal health or conservation science.
  • Tenured Participation: Evidence of longstanding (three or more years) participation on scientific institute advisory councils or boards related to animal health and/or conservation topics.
When will I know the status of my AHAC application?

Applications are reviewed and evaluated against our established membership criteria on an ongoing basis. Applicants will receive notification of their status within approximately two weeks of application submission.

What is the time commitment for AHAC members?

Time commitments vary based on role assigned. Additional details are described within the application. Applicants should choose the role or roles that best fit their availability. If you are selected for a potential role, we encourage you to discuss the time commitment needed with our Scientific Programs team.

What if my expertise currently is not needed?

Expertise needs change based on proposal topics and active grant review requirements. We encourage members to keep their profiles up to date, as the Scientific Programs team continually queries the database and reaches out to members for potential roles when new opportunities arise.