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Using new imaging technology to assess surgical margins following cancer surgery in cats

Feline injection-site sarcoma is a highly aggressive and locally invasive tumor. Surgical removal of tumors is the recommended treatment for this type of cancer and studies indicate that “clean” surgical margins are associated with decreased tumor recurrence rates and increased survival. Researchers will evaluate a new imaging method to detect cancer cells left behind following removal of injection-site sarcomas in client-owned cats undergoing surgery. This technology is used successfully in human breast cancer surgery, providing microscopic assessment of surgical margins within minutes. Identifying a rapid and thorough imaging method to detect any remaining cancer cells during surgery for injection-site sarcomas will support targeted treatment management decisions and improve outcomes for cats with cancer.


INVESTIGATOR: Laura E. Selmic, BVetMed, MPH, University of Illinois

SPONSOR(S): Rex and Nelle Jackson Foundation, Anonymous, Petco Foundation, Blue Buffalo Foundation