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Understanding Genes That Cause Disease

The first-generation alpaca genome map and the sequence of the alpaca genome are completed. This study will expand the utility of these tools by mapping 500 evolutionarily conserved genes to the alpaca chromosomes. Researchers will also compare the alpaca genome map to other mammalian genome maps to help transfer information from the genomes of human and other well-studied species to the alpaca genome. This work will provide a foundation for the discovery of genes associated with congenital disorders, genetic diseases and other traits, which will lead to the development of valuable tools for breeders to improve the health and welfare of alpacas.

Dr. Terje Raudsepp, Texas A&M University

Co-sponsors: Alpaca Research Foundation, Inc.; Linda Taylor, In Memory of Rusty; Greater Appalachian Llama & Alpaca Association (GALA); Llama Association of North America