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Studying an Analgesic Drug Therapy in Animals

Effective pain management remains a chief concern for veterinarians. Pain has been demonstrated to worsen and lengthen illness as a result of the body’s stress response and to heighten sensitivity to pain even years later. In extreme cases pain can be a contributing cause of death. In the case of animals, it can be difficult to know with certainty how much pain is being experienced. This study will examine differences in interindividual patient response to analgesic drugs to address the questions of why some animals respond to the drugs administered and others do not and why adverse effects and exaggerated responses occur in some animals but not others. These data will help further scientists’ understanding of the effects of analgesic drug therapy and help veterinarians better manage pain in animals.

Dr. Kristen M. Messenger, Pfizer Animal Health–Morris Animal Foundation Fellowship,North Carolina State University

Co-sponsor: Cheryl Sedestrom