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Improving regenerative therapies for horses

Summary: Researchers will explore new techniques to generate stem cells that are more immunologically compatible and less likely to be rejected by the horse’s immune system.

Description: Stem cell therapies have the potential to improve the outcome of potentially severe and life-ending musculoskeletal injuries in horses. However, not all donor cells are accepted by the recipient’s immune system. The recipient’s immune cells will destroy transplanted stem cells if the immune system perceives the introduced cells as foreign. To improve stem cell treatment success, researchers will examine whether new culture techniques can be used to prevent the immune system from destroying donor stem cells. Successful production of immunologically compatible, “off-the-shelf” stem cells has the potential to improve the convenience, availability, and effectiveness of stem cell therapies, not only in horses, but in many species, including other companion animals.


INVESTIGATOR: Alix K. Berglund, North Carolina State University

SPONSOR(S): American Farrier's Association,  United States Eventing Association