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Identifying the Genetic Landscape of Soft-Tissue Sarcomas

Advances in next-generation gene-sequencing technology, known as deep sequencing, permit scientists to identify mutations that drive abnormal growth within a given tumor and to determine the critical pathways involved. Researchers will perform deep sequencing in 50 canine soft-tissue sarcomas and 10 unique, healthy, early-passage cells that are found in connective tissue. The researchers anticipate that they will discover about 80 genetic mutations per tumor, of which fewer than 15 will be driver mutations that are common between tumors. the number of critical pathways determined in each tumor is also likely to be fewer than 15. This information could increase understanding of soft-tissue sarcoma development and lead to novel treatments for this cancer in dogs as drugs are identified or developed to target these common mutations or pathways.

Dr. Marlene Hauck, North Carolina State University

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