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Evaluating Effectiveness of Pain-relief Drugs for Raptors

Raptors with traumatic wounds and fractures are often brought to veterinarians in wildlife rehabilitation centers or zoos, and some require surgery. it is critical to a bird’s recovery that it receive appropriate pain relief during treatment. opioids are a class of drugs frequently used for pain management in veterinary medicine. Despite great advances in evaluating and using opioid drugs in parrot species, there have been no studies evaluating the appropriate analgesic drug, dose and frequency to treat injured raptors. This study evaluates drug metabolism, pain-relieving effect and required dose and frequency of two opioids— butorphanol tartrate and hydromorphone—in American kestrels. This is the first controlled study evaluating the analgesic properties of any drug in a raptor species.

Dr. David Sanchez-Migallon Guzman, University of Wisconsin