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Selfless passion fuels the efforts of Morris Animal Foundation

By Ben Snodgress

When Cynthia Farrell turned 40, she wanted to use her birthday as an opportunity to fuel her passion for veterinary science and to honor two dogs with special places in her heart.

In 2011 Cynthia had lost her dog Parker to cancer (carcinoma), and in 2012 her other dog, Frank, whom she calls her forever dog, died of malignant melanoma. As she went along the cancer journey with them, she met some amazing veterinarians and learned more than she ever really wanted to know about canine cancer and how pervasive it is.

“When it came time to figure out what I wanted to do for this milestone birthday, I was still feeling the impacts of the losses of Frank and Parker,” Cynthia says. “I knew I wanted to do something to help benefit canine cancer research. I wanted to do something special.”

That something was to create an online personal fundraising page through Morris Animal Foundation. The page provided her with an easy way to celebrate her birthday, to memorialize Parker and Frank, and to get others involved in supporting cancer research for dogs.           

“As I considered how I wanted to raise funds, the Morris Animal Foundation website had an easy-to-use functionality that would allow me to set up my own personal fundraising page, which would help donors feel comfortable that their funds were getting to Morris Animal Foundation,” Cynthia says. “I started by sending an email to our friends and family about a week before my birthday, and then again on my birthday, which is how we generated most of the funds.”

“Our goal was to raise $1,500,” Cynthia says. “We raised $1,800!”

Millions of pets will get cancer during their lifetimes, and an estimated 50 percent of pets will die from this disease. Morris Animal Foundation has invested more than 14 million dollars in cancer research to find ways to prevent, treat, and ultimately cure cancer in companion animals. Morris Animal Foundation is currently funding 35 cancer studies.

With the help of passionate animal lovers, like Cynthia, we will continue to invest in this research and work toward an end to cancer.

“I’m hopeful that our contribution can help lower the prevalence of canine cancer diagnoses and fatalities,” Cynthia says.

Personal fundraising pages are a great way to unite friends and family to benefit your cause and improve the lives of the many animals the research Morris Animal Foundation funds will affect. To start your own fundraising page to support veterinary science that makes the world a brighter place for animals, click here.

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June 6, 2013