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Healthy Animals Initiative - hope for global animal health

Morris Animal Foundation’s Healthy Animals Initiative annually supports more than 250 studies that not only help animals that enrich our daily lives – including our much-beloved dogs, cats and horses – but also animals such as the Ridgway’s hawk that are threatened or endangered. Your gift this holiday season helps make that work possible.

The Ridgway’s hawk is considered one of the most critically endangered birds in the world. Researchers estimate fewer than 300 birds remain in the wild, and they live in a precarious balance between recovery and extinction. Recently, biologists monitoring Ridgway’s hawks’ nests discovered a new threat to the species. Heavy parasitic botfly larvae infestation is causing high mortality in hawk chicks, with nearly 100 percent of the nests affected.

Working in partnership with the Peregrine Fund, Morris Animal Foundation-funded researchers are now testing the effectiveness of a treatment strategy in individual hawk nests and nestlings to eradicate or significantly reduce the botfly infestation. Researchers also are studying the fly’s lifecycle to understand its vulnerabilities and to further develop long-term intervention plans. Through this work, we hope to help bring the Ridgway’s hawk back from the brink of extinction.

The Ridgway’s hawk is just one of many examples of how important your donation is this holiday season to animals around the world. Give now during our Season of Hope campaign and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar, thanks to several anonymous, animal-loving donors. Thank you.

Categories: Animal health
November 30, 2015