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MAF Judges Projects at the Colorado State Science & Engineering Fair

On April 8, 2010, students from middle and high schools across Colorado competed in the Colorado State Science & Engineering Fair at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Morris Animal Foundation, for the second year, was present to judge projects in the area of animal sciences. Assisting in the judging were two current MAF - Veterinary Student Scholars at Colorado State University, Chelsea Sonius and Sandy Young. In the end, Morris Animal Foundation awarded three prizes to these young, aspiring veterinary researchers.

Erik Schnaderbeck – 1st Place ($250)
Sargent High School – Monte Vista
Erik sought to create a new tracking method for trout. Instead of painful and stressful existing methods of tagging and marking fish for monitoring, Erik studied over 280 fish for unique markings on the fish and created a barcode system based on 8 different categories of physical features they display naturally.

Emily Schnoor – 2nd Place ($150)
Sargent High School – Monte Vista
Emily implemented an alternative treatment to aid in rainbow trout reproduction. Emily developed a salt solution that sought to take the place of Formalin – a widely used and harmful drug in trout reproduction. She sampled a number of different ph levels in her treatment doses and proved a 60+% success rate with the alternative treatment. 

Randi Timmons – 3rd Place ($100)
Walsh High School – Walsh, CO
Randi tested the efficacy of a cheap, easy to administer ulcer treatment in performance horses (rodeo). Rodeo horses travel so much they experience a high level of stress from being stalled and transported.  The treatment she administered is to prevent and combat colic in its earliest stages. So many horses are involved with rodeo and various athletic competitions, this treatment is very inexpensive and easy to administer. 

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