University Spotlight: Colorado State University

By Allen Byrne

With the Morris Animal Foundation offices located in Denver and Colorado State University (CSU) located just 65 miles away in Fort Collins, the two organizations are nearly neighbors. The Foundation supports scientists at veterinary schools throughout the world, and CSU is one of its oldest partners.

The relationship began in 1951, when the Foundation funded a canine nutrition study at CSU. Since then Morris Animal Foundation has invested in 157 studies at CSU, including18 studies that are currently underway. Their shared commitment to animal health has led to some incredible breakthroughs in animal science, ranging from vaccines to prevent feline leukemia to novel modalities in cancer treatment.

“Colorado State University has a long history of performing impactful clinical research on diseases that commonly afflict dogs and cats,” says Craig Webb, PhD, DVM, an associate professor of internal medicine at CSU and a Foundation funded investigator. “Our efforts to find ways to better help these important family members have been helped tremendously by the generous support of Morris Animal Foundation, one of the few agencies that is geared toward clinically relevant veterinary research.”

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Categories: Animal health, Veterinary news, Veterinary research
June 25, 2013