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New Science Could Increase Survival of Sick Foals

Sepsis is the no. 1 cause of death in newborn foals. This life-threatening condition impairs several bodily functions, including energy metabolism. This study—led by Dr. Ramiro E. Toribio at the Ohio State University—examined the levels of two important energy-regulating hormones, insulin and leptin, in foals with sepsis.

With funding from Morris Animal Foundation, the researchers proved their hypothesis that these hormones are abnormal in foals with sepsis, and that the imbalances are associated with an increased risk of dying of sepsis. These results emphasize the importance of controlling the energy needs of critically ill foals. The results will help improve the treatment and prognosis for this deadly disease.

Posted by MAF on July 6, 2012.

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Submitted by junebugslady at: July 9, 2012
I pray that you find a solution for these wonderful creatures, i love horses and these foals deserve a good long life.