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Staff Members Make a Difference, One Month at a Time

Sitting from my office desk and peering at my colleagues busily working away, I smile thinking about the meaningful work we each contribute to every day. Staff members at Morris Animal Foundation come from different backgrounds and experiences, but we have something very special in common: We are all striving to create a better and brighter future for the animals we love.

We truly believe in our mission to advance the world of animal health. In fact, one-third of our staff members demonstrate their commitment to the Foundation’s mission every month. As contributors to our Loyal Friends program, they make recurring monthly gifts that provide the sustainable support so crucial for investing in the best science and saving lives.

Here is what a few of our staff members had to say about why they choose to support our mission as a Loyal Friend.

”I’m a monthly donor to Morris Animal Foundation because I see the incredible impact of our work on a daily basis. I know firsthand what remarkable progress we’re making to help the animals I love all around the world!” —Rebecca Richman, research specialist

“I am a Loyal Friend because my sweet dog, Wrigley, is almost 12 years old. She has lived a long, happy, healthy, disease-free life, and I know my support is helping to make that a reality for all dogs.”

—Leigh Elliott, development officer

“One of the reasons I’m a monthly donor is because I feel that being a Loyal Friend is the least I can do for my dog, Jassidy. I believe my monthly contribution makes an impact to better animal health and inevitably will help allow dogs, like Jassidy, to live the healthiest life possible.”

—James Harper, social media specialist

“I am a Loyal Friend because I believe that Morris Animal Foundation serves a story much larger than anything I could do on my own. Being a Loyal Friend provides consistent and reliable giving, which is crucial to the sustainability of the Foundation.” —Dan Reed, chief development officer

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By: Liz Nahon, DVM

Categories: Animal health
February 4, 2015