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Season of Hope: Meet Emmett

As we head into our second week of our Season of Hope Campaign, we would like to introduce you to one of our canine friends, Emmett, and his pet parents, Maggie and John.

Maggie and John adopted Emmett eight years ago. A joyful soul, Emmett has brought happiness to so many: as a therapy dog comforting abused children, as a big brother to his “doggie” brothers and as a calendar model. Emmett even comforted Maggie as she battled cancer a few years ago, snuggling close to keep her warm.

That’s why it was especially devastating when Emmett was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, one of the most deadly forms of canine cancer.

“Emmett is my heart,” Maggie shares. “When I realized how serious his diagnosis is, I was truly heartbroken.”

The Bucket List Final from Maggie Marton on Vimeo.

In our latest video, you can meet Emmett and his family.

Right now, there are limited treatment options for hemangiosarcoma, but Maggie and those of us at Morris Animal Foundation remain hopeful. Our funded researchers are determined to unlock the secrets of this disease.

Far too many pets are diagnosed with cancer and other serious diseases every day. We are working to change the odds for dogs, cats, horses, llamas/alpacas and wildlife, including endangered species, by funding the innovative research that will improve the way we prevent, diagnose and treat the illnesses that ail them.

But we still need your support to help Emmett and the animals we love!

This holiday season, you can double your impact on animal health worldwide. Three anonymous donors have stepped forward to jumpstart the Season of Hope with a $100,000 matching gift opportunity. Donations received through December 31, 2014, are eligible to be matched up to $100,000!

The greatest gift to animals is a lifetime of good health. Help us continue to address the most important animal health issues and to save lives by funding the most relevant and beneficial science today.

By: Tina M. Martinez

Video courtesy of Foundation-partner; PetSafe





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November 17, 2014