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New Circle of Discovery Honors Foundation Supporters

Imagine a future in which a dog with cancer lives a long life with the people who love him. Early diagnostic tools identify kidney disease, so a cat can be effectively treated and years are added to her life. Horses are free of laminitis because researchers find ways to prevent this common disease. An endangered rhino population is thriving because of reproductive interventions.

This is the world Morris Animal Foundation is working toward—and we greatly appreciate the many people who make leadership gifts that support our vision. They know that by investing in the Foundation, they are investing in the science that will change the course of veterinary medicine.

To recognize the dedication of leadership donors, we are pleased to introduce the Circle of Discovery. Each member of this special group of donors commits $3,000 or more each year to help the Foundation fund the very best science.

Individuals in the Circle of Discovery will be acknowledged for their leadership role, will be given special opportunities to connect with fellow Discoverers and will receive an insider’s look at the innovative work of Morris Animal Foundation. Those who join before June 30, 2013, will be founding members and will receive additional benefits.

To join the Circle of Discovery or for more information, contact Morris Animal Foundation at 800.243.2345 or visit

We thank the entire Circle of Discovery for committing to a brighter future for animals.

Posted by MAFon September 10, 2012.

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