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Morris Animal Foundation Unite to Fight Pet Cancer

Morris Animal Foundation’s third Unite to Fight Pet Cancer campaign is underway, raising awareness about pet cancer and increasing funding for current and future cancer studies. Because cancer remains one of the most common causes of death in dogs and cats, Morris Animal Foundation has been actively engaged in pet cancer research for almost 70 years. Our recent successes include a major discovery of cancer risk genes in golden retrievers and the innovative use of a melanoma vaccine in horses.

New breakthroughs in treatment are closer than ever thanks to the support of our wonderful donors. Since 1948, with your help, we’ve funded 300 cancer studies. We’ve made progress against many pet cancers, but we’re not there yet! Roughly 12 million new cancer diagnoses are made in cats and dogs each year. Each new diagnosis means a pet owner hears the dreaded words that their treasured companion has cancer. For many of these cancers, a veterinarian may watch helplessly as a much loved patient struggles to survive.For others, advances in veterinary cancer care mean many of our beloved pets will live quality lives after their diagnosis of and treatment for cancer.

Every day we hear a new story about a beloved pet’s cancer journey. For some pets, the story is a short one; for others, the story continues on. During this campaign, we’ll be sharing these stories from our foundation friends. Cancer can affect any of our animal companions, and this year you’ll hear not only the stories but see the many faces of cancer.

You’ll meet Bowie, a celebrated “dog dancer,” who was able to please a cheering crowd one more time after his diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma. You’ll hear about Caddy, a horse that kept competing with her young owner in spite of having melanoma. You’ll learn how one outgoing cat won the hearts of people in Alexandria, Virginia, before having his life cut short by an injection-site sarcoma.

For every story about pet cancer, there are other stories about the veterinary researchers who tirelessly pursue innovative treatments, better diagnostics and new insights into the cancers that affect our pets. We’ll be sharing their stories as well. These unsung heroes in the fight against pet cancer represent the faces of hope for our pets, present and future. And, of course, we’ll meet some of the donors who make all our cancer research possible.

Once again this year, we thank our wonderful friends at the Blue Buffalo Company. Every dollar given by June 30, up to $50,000, will be matched dollar for dollar in support of our pet cancer research! Our research heroes need your help to find ways to stop cancer from taking the lives of our pets.

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March 8, 2016