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Celebrate National Pet Week with Morris Animal Foundation

Every year, the first full week of May is celebrated as National Pet Week. The observance isn’t limited to any specific cause, disease awareness or type of pet—it’s simply dedicated to celebrating the wonderful animals with whom we share our lives.

This year, National Pet Week takes place from May 6–12. Here at Morris Animal Foundation, we will be celebrating just like we always do—by helping animals live longer, healthier lives.

Our mission is to improve animal health and advance veterinary research, and we would love it if you would support our efforts to find better treatments, preventions and cures so that more people and their pets will be able to celebrate occasions like this in the future. Here are some ways you can help:

Shop Smart
Morris Animal Foundation offers several ways for you to put your purchasing power to work for animals. Not only will you help advance animal health, but you will also have something to show for it. Read more.

Monthly Giving
By becoming a Loyal Friend and enrolling in automatic monthly giving, you provide ongoing, sustainable support for the programs that create a healthier tomorrow for animals. Read more.

Memorial and Honor Gifts
Making a memorial or honor gift to Morris Animal Foundation is an excellent way to pay tribute to the special animals, people and events in your life. The added bonus is that your gift will help create a healthier tomorrow for animals. Read more.

Talk To Your Vet
Not only do we fund research advances, but Morris Animal Foundation also strives to provide veterinary teams with the latest information in research developments and resources that help educate clients about pet health. They also help us by spreading the word about our advances or contributing to our research through our memorial card program. Read more.

Posted by MAF on May 8, 2012.

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