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Unite to Fight Pet Cancer Wraps up 2016 Campaign

On June 30, Morris Animal Foundation’s third annual Unite to Fight Pet Cancer campaign came to an end. We are proud to announce the foundation successful raised more than $250,000, and met its matching goal of $50,000 with the Blue Buffalo Foundation, all to help in the fight against pet cancer.

“Cancer is a devastating illness and a leading cause of death in dogs and cats,” said Kate O’Brien, director of events at Morris Animal Foundation. “Thanks to the dedication and generosity of our donors during our Unite to Fight Pet Cancer campaign, we will be able to continue to take steps in the right direction in developing new treatments and cures for cancer.”

Thank you to everyone for their commitment to improving the lives of pets around the world. By participating in the campaign’s Virtual Walk, making a donation, or spreading the word, you made a difference. We also want to give a big thank you to all of our friends at the Blue Buffalo Foundation for their partnership with Morris Animal Foundation and for their devotion to advancing pet cancer research.

Categories: Animal health
July 5, 2016