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Potential Drug for Canine Blood Disorder IMHA

Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) is a common type of anemia in dogs. This deadly blood disorder occurs when the dog’s immune system is triggered to attack its own red blood cells. Despite aggressive conventional treatments, IMHA has a very high mortality rate. Most dogs die shortly after diagnosis because therapies may take days or weeks to take effect. Thus, earlier effective treatment is critical.

To address this problem, scientists from Colorado State University investigated a promising new treatment, liposomal clodronate, which blocks red blood cell destruction. Although their data suggesting increased survival time are encouraging, the findings are not statistically significant, necessitating a larger clinical trial. An important finding of this study, however, was that no adverse effects were noted in association with the administration of liposomal clodronate or placebo liposomes in any patient.

This research was conducted by Dr. Katharine Lunn at Colorado State University.

Posted by MAFon August 11, 2012.

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Submitted by lenon08 at: September 16, 2012
I realise that it is very useful for any kind of is very effective for dog health.
Submitted by Lynne Klingerman at: August 11, 2012
What encouraging news this is for people like me who had a beloved pet die from this IMHA. I hope the larger clinical trial is just as successful. After my dog died from this, I donated money specifically for this cause and it's so nice to know that maybe my donation has helped find a cure!
Submitted by Dana Long-Terry at: August 11, 2012
WE LIKE - Lots of us IMHA surviving doggies out here!! Hoping for a CURE but we will take what we can get!
Submitted by Penny Carlson at: August 11, 2012
Hopefully this will be a break through for this awful disease