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Signs Your Cat May Have Arthritis

Most cats appear naturally agile and athletic, easily jumping from their perches to the floor with an uncanny sense of balance. However, signs of arthritis can begin at any age, even in kittens. Watch for these early-warning signs of arthritis in your feline friend:

  • Reluctance to walk, jump, play or climb stairs
  • Lack of interest in climbing the cat condo
  • Difficulty rising from a resting position
  • Limping
  • Difficulty grooming hard to reach areas
  • Meowing (possible sign of pain) when touched
  • Personality changes that involve resisting touch
  • Sleeping more than usual

*According to the Arthritis Foundation and

Please consult your pet’s veterinarian at the earliest signs of these or any other unusual changes in behavior. Your cat deserves to live a long, healthy and active life.

Posted by MAFon August 19, 2009.

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Submitted by Jo at: August 6, 2010
Just researching arthritis in cats. I think my cat has it.