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Our History

A vision of HOPE

Morris Animal Foundation started with a man who changed the course of veterinary medicine forever. And we’ve been building upon his legacy for more than 60 years.

When Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. established Morris Animal Foundation in 1948, he envisioned a world in which scientific discoveries would transform the health of animals. His dream began with Buddy, who was among the first guide dogs in the United States.

Buddy suffered from kidney disease, and his owner, Morris Frank, then the national ambassador for the Seeing Eye, sought Dr. Morris’s advice. Dr. Morris created a special diet that dramatically improved Buddy’s health. He and his wife, Louise, canned the food in their kitchen. When they could no longer meet increasing demand from the veterinary community, they partnered with the Hill Packing Company to produce what later became the first Hill’s Pet Nutrition Prescription Diet. Dr. Morris used the royalties from that diet to establish Morris Animal Foundation, and the first two studies funded looked at nutrition in cats and dogs.

Dr. Morris became a pioneer in creating diets that could manage disease in animals and a leader who shaped the veterinary industry. His vision and love for animals also made Morris Animal Foundation what it is today: a foundation solely for animals and improving their health.