How to Order Cards

Step 1

List the cards you would like to order in an xlsx file. Download our template to get started.

  1. Choose your card type based on the species of pet being honored. View the different artwork options above.
  2. Choose your donation amount per card.
  3. Fill in all the data for each card you’d like to send. You can omit “Message” and “Custom Message” if you do not want to add additional messaging.
  4. Do not delete any of the columns. Even columns left blank are required.
  5. Don’t forget to overwrite the sample data before you save and upload!

Step 2

Rename and save your xlsx file to your computer for batch creation. You can reopen and reuse your template to save time on your next order. When ready, upload your file here.

Please use the provided example file as a starting point.

Step 3

Once your file is uploaded click the validate button and double check that each card has the correct information and then add to your cart


  • Make sure all required columns are filled out. ("Message" and "Custom Message" are optional columns.)
  • Do not delete any columns.
  • Make sure there are no extra spaces after your typed addresses.
  • Do not include any emojis or special characters.
  • Would you like to send your clients holiday cards, honor cards or other card types? Contact us for additional templates for other card choices.

Having trouble with filling out or placing your order?

Call us at 1-800-243-2345 and press 2 for donation assistance.