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Buffalo and elephants are key species that serve as a source of infection for tuberculosis (TB) in South Africa for numerous other species, including humans. TB is challenging to diagnose, especially in wildlife during health field checks. Currently, there is no highly reliable rapid TB screening test for wildlife. TB screening often involves keeping animals in enclosures until test results are available or, if not possible, recapturing animals which is time-consuming and expensive for wildlife managers. Researchers will evaluate if lung images generated by electrical impedance tomography or EIT, a noninvasive imagining technique, can be used to detect lesions associated with TB in buffalo and elephants. Identifying a new screening tool for use in the field will greatly improve TB management not only in wildlife, but in domestic cattle and companion animals that also serve as reservoirs for the disease. 

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Murdoch University
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Martina Mosing, Dr., PD
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General Health