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April 13, 2015 – “Tanner’s cancer diagnosis was shocking because he was feeling fine,” said Suzanne Canipe, whose cat Tanner was diagnosed with renal (or kidney) lymphoma in July 2014.  Luckily for Suzanne and Tanner, his cancer was found during a routine health checkup.  While no pet owner wants to hear a diagnosis of cancer for their pet, finding cancer early usually means a better chance at survival. Tanner’s cancer diagnosis and treatment, said Suzanne, “couldn’t have gone any better than it did.” 

Suzanne is no stranger to cancer. She had one elderly cat diagnosed with fibrosarcoma, an aggressive tumor of the connective tissue. Another cat died suddenly of hemangiosarcoma (the same cancer that causes so many sudden deaths in dogs). She’s had to negotiate through a multitude of cancer treatment options as well as make some hard decisions about what was best for each of her pets.

Suzanne’s previous experiences with pet cancer provided her with knowledge and some invaluable contacts when Tanner was diagnosed with lymphoma. Lymphoma is the most common type of cancer affecting cats and dogs. While renal lymphoma is rare in dogs, it is not an uncommon diagnosis in cats.

The good news is that Tanner is now in complete remission and doing well following chemotherapy.  He’s even found time to write his own blog! Tanner’s story emphasizes how routine veterinary care can help save lives by detecting cancer early. In addition, by getting the facts about cancer from her team of veterinary partners, Suzanne was able to make the best decisions for Tanner.

Morris Animal Foundation believes that cancer doesn’t have to take the ones we love. As a pet owner, you can equip yourselves with information about cancer’s early warning signs by downloading our Pet Cancer Prevention Checklist. You also can help us fight cancer by making a contribution to Morris Animal Foundation’s Unite to Fight Pet Cancer. Give today and double your gift with a matching gift from Blue Buffalo!

Veterinary cancer treatment has made enormous strides in the last few decades but we still have much to learn and more to do. Unite to Fight Pet Cancer with Morris Animal Foundation!