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We’d like to introduce you to our newest member of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study team, Volunteer Manager Annie Li. Annie will be helping out our wonderful study volunteers and assisting them in their efforts to promote and support the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Annie is delighted to be part of the team and is looking forward to growing the program in the coming years.

Annie joined the Foundation a year ago as an Events Specialist on our Development team. In February, Annie jumped at the chance to transition to the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study team. Her passion for volunteers makes Annie the perfect fit for the role. Annie’s background includes experience in both corporate and nonprofit organizations. Most recently, Annie worked at the Denver Zoo as a Learning Experiences Specialist. “Volunteers are impressive. They help staff members support an organization’s mission and values, are instrumental in nurturing relationships in the community, and make any organization stronger,” said Annie. “I feel proud to work with the volunteers who are integral to the work of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Volunteers just make my heart sing.”
Annie’s special bond with the study’s volunteers comes directly from her own experiences as a volunteer. In past years she has served as the President of Prescription Pets at Children’s Hospital in Denver, where she and her heart dog, Maggie, a gentle chow chow/German shepherd mix, were partners in social therapy work. It was through some fellow volunteers at the hospital that another dog came into her life – guess what breed? Buddy, a 10-year old golden retriever, joined Annie’s family, and learned what it was to be a dog who was loved with every breath and every heartbeat. Annie also has felt the sting of cancer; Maggie and Buddy died within six months of each other from the disease. Cancer touched Annie very personally at a young age, taking her mother when Annie was only 20, and her husband’s mother before Annie could ever call her mom. Combining a respect for volunteers, a great love of dogs, and a passion to fight cancer provides Annie with the perfect trifecta for her position at Morris Animal Foundation. To learn more about the volunteer program visit our website.