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July 8, 2019 – We did it! Thanks to everyone who donated to our 2019 Stop Cancer Furever campaign. We exceeded our dollar-for-dollar match of $200,000, made possible by a generous gift from the Petco Foundation and the Blue Buffalo Company, champions for advancing animal cancer research.

And, we are putting your dollars to work. Thanks to you, we can support even more life-saving cancer research benefiting the cats, dogs, horses, and even wildlife, we love. Our researchers are working on cutting-edge preventions and treatments for animal cancers, from immunotherapies for osteosarcoma to early diagnostic tests for urinary tract cancer in dogs, from new treatments for oral cancer in cats to tackling another contagious cancer in wildlife. All this work would not be possible without the amazing support of animal lovers, like you.

We also enjoyed hearing and sharing stories from our donors who have experienced first-hand the trials and tribulations of having a pet diagnosed with cancer. Jessica Stephens fundraises in memory of her dog Enzo because she “does not want anyone to ever hear that their pet’s cancer is incurable.”

Maroya Walter donates in memory of her cat Crookshanks. Crookshanks was diagnosed with an aggressive osteosarcoma tumor but lived another seven fabulous years after treatment, thanks to advances in veterinary cancer research. Krista Dieckamp became a Foundation supporter after her dog Chase Manhattan was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, survived surgery and beat the cancer odds.

Let’s not forget about our wildlife and horse friends. Your donations helped find a solution to ear cancer in Catalina Island foxes, and we continue to make strides against the most common cancers in horses.

But with over 100 types of different animal cancers, there’s always more to do. More requests for funding keep coming in from animal cancer researchers around the world – some that might be the next best idea that will help prevent, diagnose earlier, treat and even cure the cancers that threaten the animals we love.

You’re helping us pave the way to even more successes in cancer research. The world is a better place for cats, dogs, horses and wildlife because of your support and determination to Stop Cancer Furever!