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November 5, 2018 – The Petco Foundation is a Morris Animal Foundation VIP – Very Important Partner. Susanne Kogut, President of the Petco Foundation, recently shared with us a few insights about the Petco Foundation and its mission.

Q – What was the driving force behind the creation of Petco Foundation in 1999?

Susanne - Helping animals has always been at the heart of Petco and everyone who works there. Brian Devine, former Petco Chair and CEO, would say that even before the Petco Foundation was created, individual stores were doing what they could to raise funds for local groups and help them adopt pets at Petco stores.

Q – The Petco Foundation is well known for its in-store adoption program, but also invests in animal health studies. What inspired Petco to embrace these missions?

Susanne – Petco and the Petco Foundation partner with thousands of local animal welfare organizations throughout the country to help bring pets together with loving people. So far, we’ve helped more than 5.5 million pets find their new loving families. But our work to save pets’ lives doesn’t end there. The Petco Foundation has also invested over $225 million in local organizations to empower them to save the lives of animals in need, to support service and therapy animals, and to fund pet cancer research and treatment.   

Q – Can you tell us about the Petco Foundation partnership with the Blue Buffalo Foundation?

Susanne –The Petco Foundation and the Blue Buffalo Foundation share a common desire to help fight pet cancer, and we have been partnering for many years to do just that. Next year will be the 10year anniversary of our Pet Cancer campaign. By partnering, the Petco Foundation and the Blue Buffalo Foundation combine forces with Petco and Blue Buffalo to raise funds for critical research and spread the message to fight this disease.

We are proud that we could invest a substantial portion of the funds raised in our Pet Cancer campaigns with Morris Animal Foundation.