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July 22, 2019 – The Blue Buffalo Company is a Morris Animal Foundation VIP – Very Important Partner. The Blue Buffalo team recently shared with us a few insights about the company and why it is committed to fighting pet cancer, particularly through their annual Pet Cancer Awareness (PCA) campaign in collaboration with the Petco Foundation.

Q – Pet Cancer Awareness Month was established by Blue Buffalo in 2004. What was the driving force, or forces, behind the creation of this campaign?

Blue Buffalo was founded by the Bishop family to honor their beloved dog Blue, a large-breed Airedale. During his life, Blue had several bouts with cancer, which motivated the Bishops to learn more about the critical relationship between natural nutrition and pet health. Working with animal nutritionists and veterinarians, the Bishops developed a high-quality, meat-first food named BLUE in memory of their furry family member who inspired its creation.

The Blue Buffalo Pet Cancer Awareness initiative was born with three goals in mind: to raise awareness of pet cancer warning signs, to provide useful information with regard to pet cancer care, and to help find a cure for this disease. Donations generated by the Pet Cancer Awareness program help fund key studies at leading universities and clinics that are focused on the causes, prevention and treatment of canine and feline cancer. We are proud to say that some of the most significant advances in pet cancer research have come through our partnership with Morris Animal Foundation.

To date, Blue Buffalo has contributed almost $30 million to support cancer research and veterinary care assistance to pet parents who are unable to afford cancer treatments for their dogs and cats.

Q – The work Blue Buffalo supports at Morris Animal Foundation is leading to breakthroughs in cancer treatment and advances in other diseases. What does this mean not only for your customers, but for your employees?

Our partnership with Morris Animal Foundation is important to Blue Buffalo customers and employees because our support helps advance cancer care through innovative research, and the study results have had a meaningful impact on veterinary medicine and the lives of pets who are afflicted with cancer.

Since 2006, when Blue Buffalo pledged its first gift to Morris Animal Foundation, we have funded 43 studies – 28 canine and 15 feline – that focus on new insights in pet cancer biology critical to advancing diagnostics and treatment. This research has led to new technologies such as applications of biomarkers to improve lymphoma treatment and remission prediction.

In addition, the studies have led to improved dosing of cancer drugs in dogs, to enhance treatment outcomes for osteosarcoma and carcinomas.

Q – Can you tell us about the Blue Buffalo partnership with the Petco Foundation, how that came about, and what it means today?

In 2010, the Petco Foundation joined Blue Buffalo to support our Pet Cancer Awareness campaign each May. With over 1,000 stores nationwide and a real commitment to the cause, this partnership has contributed significantly to our goals of increasing awareness of the early warning signs of pet cancer, raising money to fund innovative research programs, and helping families affected by pet cancer pay for their pet’s treatment.

Thank you, Blue Buffalo, for your continued partnership in the fight against cancer in our dogs and cats!