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DENVER/August 2, 2018 – At Only Natural Pet’s flagship store in Boulder, customers can round their purchases up to the nearest dollar to help in the fight against canine cancer during the month of August. All rounded donations will benefit Morris Animal Foundation and its Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.

Now in its sixth year, the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is following 3,000 golden retrievers throughout their lives to better understand the nutritional, lifestyle, genetic and environmental risk factors for cancer and other major diseases in dogs. The $32 million study, the largest of its kind ever attempted in veterinary medicine, will help advance veterinary science and focus research in areas with the greatest potential impact for improving canine health.

“We are very appreciative of Only Natural Pet and their desire to be a part of this study by not only helping to raise funds, but raise awareness,” said Dr. Kelly Diehl, Interim Vice President of Scientific Programs at Denver-based Morris Animal Foundation. “As our dogs and their owners and veterinarians journey through this demanding study, we know they appreciate this outpouring of support as well.”

Dogs enrolled in the study are located throughout the contiguous United States, with Colorado having the second highest number of enrolled dogs after California. Each year, the dogs’ owners and veterinarians fill out detailed questionnaires on everything from food to fitness, and the dogs complete a comprehensive veterinary exam, as well as sample collection (including fur, nail, saliva and blood). Millions of bits of information gathered over the life of the study will provide a rich database for scientific study, helping to advance our knowledge of canine health and wellness.

“Only Natural Pet is all about keeping our pets healthy and that is a big reason we choose to support Morris Animal Foundation, especially during August when they are running their National Dog Day campaign,” said Jay Pusey, Vice President of Marketing for Only Natural Pet. “It takes a commitment to science to continue to improve the health of our canine family members, and we want to be a part of that effort. We know this is important to our customers, too, and the round up provides an easy way for them to give.”

In addition to the round up, Only Natural Pet will provide a match, up to $500 on National Dog Day, August 26, to support the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Only Natural Pet is located at 2100 28th Street, in Boulder, and features a holistic approach to pet health built around high quality, natural products.

About Morris Animal Foundation

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