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March 26, 2018 At Morris Animal Foundation, we not only imagine a world where all cancers are treatable and more cures possible, we are working hard to make that happen. Now, during our fifth annual Unite to Fight Animal Cancer campaign, you can become an important part of this work – and every dollar you donate until May 31 will be matched dollar for dollar by the Blue Buffalo Foundation (up to $75,000).

Cancer is a disease that impacts many of us, forcing us to say goodbye to our loved ones, including our cherished cats and dogs, far too soon. In fact, cancer accounts for nearly half of all disease-related pet deaths each year, and roughly 11 million new diagnoses are made in dogs and cats annually. But cancer also impacts horses and wildlife – from devastating eye cancers in Haflinger horses to viral cancers taking Tasmanian devils toward extinction (not if we can help it!).

The good news is that we are making progress in many areas of cancer diagnosis and treatment, including exciting advances in new drugs and vaccine development. With your help, over the past 70 years, we have come far. In fact, since 1948, we’ve funded more than 300 cancer studies, investing nearly $40 million. Just look at some recent examples of Morris Animal Foundation funded-cancer research findings that our donors made possible:

  • The canine melanoma vaccine is effective in treating horses with melanoma; the vaccine now is undergoing licensing for equine use.
  • Supplementing dogs with probiotics prior to and during chemotherapy treatments lowered the severity and frequency of chemotherapy-associated side effects.
  • In cats, high counts of lymphocytes, types of white blood cells, are not often associated with cancer. This information will save many cats from unnecessary tests or unwarranted cancer diagnoses.
  • The rapid spread of Tasmanian devil facial tumor disease (DFTD) is not due to low genetic diversity, but rather a sort of “invisibility cloak” the tumor’s cells use on the animals’ immune systems. Knowing this opens new targets for treatment.

These findings and so many more are giving us hope in the battle against cancer. But we need to do so much more. During our Unite to Fight Animal Cancer campaign, which ends May 31, we are raising funds for cancer research that will lead to new understandings about how to prevent, diagnose earlier and treat cancers. We also will help educate pet owners and animal lovers about ways to decrease cancer risk by offering a free downloadable prevention checklist, and share stories of donors whose pets had their own personal battle with the disease. It’s part of why these donors support the Foundation in the fight against cancer.

This year, we are grateful to once again partner with our wonderful friends at the Blue Buffalo Foundation, and this year they made their biggest commitment yet! Blue Buffalo will match dollar for dollar every gift we receive during Unite to Fight Animal Cancer, up to $75,000.

Please join us in our fight to help animals around the world live a healthier tomorrow. Your contributions are incredibly important and help us bridge science and resources to fight cancer together. Make your gift today, and thank you on behalf of animals everywhere.