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November 1, 2019 – The giving season is upon us and what better gift to give than a gift to the animals that warm our hearts and hearths. Our Board of Trustees couldn’t agree more.

At Morris Animal Foundation, our Board of Trustees is deeply invested in our mission to bridge science and resources to advance the health of animals. This year, our Trustees want to make sure that every year-end gift we receive goes a little further, helping to fund even more science and improve the lives of animals everywhere.

They’ve committed to matching every dollar donated, up to $200,000, from now until December 31. That means your holiday giving will go twice as far, and have twice the impact.

Your donation will help fund studies in the search for new diagnostics, treatments and preventives, all to help the animals we love. Dollars raised will support this year’s more than 150 active Morris Animal Foundation-funded studies, including:

Vaccine Development – Morris Animal Foundation-funded researchers at Colorado State University are developing an oral vaccine against feline enteric coronavirus to prevent its deadly mutated form, feline infectious peritonitis. FIP is a progressive, fatal disease of  young cats, particularly those housed with large numbers of other cats, such as in shelters or rescue groups.

Prognostic Tests – North Carolina State University researchers are developing a rapid bedside test to quickly assess the severity of central nervous system injuries. This test will provide veterinarians and pet owners with vital information they need to make better treatment decisions for injured dogs.

Emerging Disease Strategies – Chytrid fungus already has devastated frog species globally. Now, a related fungal disease is emerging and threatening salamanders. Washington State University researchers are working hard to improve disease monitoring before this disease reaches North America, the continent with the greatest diversity of salamanders in the world.

Novel Therapies – University of Georgia researchers are evaluating a combination adjunct therapy to help save septic foals. Sepsis is a leading cause of death in foals in their first weeks of life and researchers hope this new therapy will make a difference in improving survival rates of these precious young animals.

Please make your donation today to take advantage of our Board of Trustees’ dollar-for-dollar matching gift offer of up to $200,000. Together, let’s help find solutions to critical health issues in dogs, cats, horses and wildlife. Every animal deserves a longer, healthier life.