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DENVER/November 4, 2019 – Trustees encourage others to give the gift of health to animals everywhere this holiday season

From now until December 31, members of the Morris Animal Foundation Board of Trustees are providing a gift match of up to $200,000 for all end-of-year donations.

Morris Animal Foundation is a global leader in supporting studies to find solutions to serious health threats to animals. Since its founding in 1948, the Foundation has invested more than $155 million in over 2,700 studies that have improved the health and quality of life for dogs, cats, horses and wildlife around the world.

Jay Mesinger, CEO and President of Mesinger Jet Sales based in Boulder, is a member of the Morris Animal Foundation Board of Trustees, who first learned about the Foundation through its Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Like all of the Foundation’s board members, he is committed to making the lives of animals better.

“Our family has lost too many dogs to cancer. When we learned about Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, we enrolled our new puppy, Louie, right away,” Mesinger said. “The more I learned about the Foundation, the more impressed I became by the quality of the people, the quality of the science, and the ever-present passion for and dedication to animals.”

Gifts to the Foundation this holiday season help fund more than 150 active animal health studies, including:

  • Tackling the re-emergence of a fatal gastrointestinal disease in shelter cats.
  • Working on immunotherapies to help reduce cancer spread and prolong quality of life in dogs with osteosarcoma.
  • Preventing reproductive-related diseases in companion birds.
  • Improving stem cell treatment success for horses with musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Using probiotics to treat an emerging fungal disease that is decimating amphibian species worldwide.
  • Launching Data Commons, an open-access database for researchers, containing health data from 3,000+ dogs enrolled in the Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.
  • Looking at diet and heart disease, using data and samples from the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever’s Lifetime Study.

“The Foundation is known for funding groundbreaking animal health research and, this time of year, when we take stock of what is important, we all know the pets in our lives and animals around the world need our help more than ever to live their best lives,” said Tiffany Grunert, President & CEO of Morris Animal Foundation. “As people celebrate the holidays with their family members, including their pets, and friends this year, we hope they’ll consider making a gift to improve the health of animals everywhere.”

Visit Morris Animal Foundation to make a gift that will have double the impact to support advances in animal health, with your gift matched up to $200,000, through December 31. Donations also be made by calling 800-243-2345.

About Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation’s mission is to bridge science and resources to advance the health of animals. Founded by a veterinarian in 1948, we fund and conduct critical health studies for the benefit of all animals. Learn more at