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November 5, 2018 – After an unsuccessful battle to save her daughter’s Labrador retriever puppy from a fatal infection, Susan Lewis was extremely touched to receive a Morris Animal Foundation memorial card from her local veterinarian.

“It’s so hard to lose a pet, especially one so young,” said Susan. “Little Scout had all her shots, but she still contracted an aggressive infection that eventually took her life. I really appreciated this caring gesture from our veterinarian and was happy to learn there is an organization like Morris Animal Foundation.”

Receiving a memorial card made a difficult time more bearable as Susan and her daughter grieved for Scout and worked through the shock of losing her so suddenly. It meant so much to Susan that, since then, she has sent countless cards over the years to her friends and family when they lose a beloved pet.

“It is hard to acknowledge the intense grief that accompanies that loss,” said Susan. “Sending a tribute card with a donation to Morris Animal Foundation is the best way I have found to let people know I care.” 

Susan’s memorial cards have another lasting impact – donations through the tribute card program help fund critical studies to improve the health and wellbeing of animals everywhere. At any given time, the Foundation is funding more than 200 active studies in cats, dogs, horses and wildlife. Giving in memory of a pet supports that work and creates a lasting legacy.

“Loss is never easy,” said Susan, “but just knowing someone is thinking about you makes all the difference.”

Learn more about Morris Animal Foundation’s tribute card program and how to memorialize a loss or celebrate the life of a cherished pet at