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Morris Animal Foundation appreciates the commitment made by our Golden Retriever Lifetime Study veterinarians, and we want to honor and recognize that commitment by introducing a few of our study veterinarians. This month, meet Dr. Frank Capella of Village Veterinary Hospital, Canastota, New York.

Little did he know that when one of his clients approached Dr. Frank Capella about participating in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, he would make study history as the first veterinarian to complete enrollment.

“Ranger’s owner is a very proactive client,” said Dr. Capella. “I just came along for the ride!”

Dr. Capella now has three patients enrolled in the study; in addition to Ranger, Hero Dog #1, he cares for Murphy Kreheal, Hero Dog #1351; and Popcorn McCloskey, Hero Dog #2587. With three patients in the study, Dr. Capella has had lots of practice filling out the necessary forms, and negotiating his way through the website. When asked if he had any advice to give other study veterinarians, Dr. Capella said “The one thing I’ve learned is to stay on top of the paperwork! I try to get everything done the same day.”

Dr. Capella was surprised at the level of detail and the “sheer scope” of the data.

“This study, and what Morris Animal Foundation is doing in general, is of tremendous importance to the future of veterinary medicine,” said Dr. Capella.

Dr. Capella feels strongly that veterinarians “should be scientists, too.” Ongoing learning is very important to him, and he feels that the Golden Retriever Lifetime study will have a lot to teach veterinarians.

“I feel very, very honored to be part of the study,” said Dr. Capella. “Whether I’m the first or the 3,000th veterinarian, it is a deep honor to be part of this historic research.”

Thank you, Dr. Capella, for your commitment to the study. Every veterinarian in the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study matters!