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Honor Gifts

Honor gifts help you celebrate the special animals, people and events in your life. Proceeds from these gifts are used to advance animal health around the world.

Honor Cards

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Morris Animal Foundation’s honor cards are a thoughtful way to pay tribute to someone who has touched your life or to celebrate a special occasion. These cards are also a great way to honor your veterinarian for great service. With a minimum gift of $10 per card, the Foundation will mail the recipient a personalized honor card announcing your gift.



Send an environmentally friendly eCard to memorialize a pet, send birthday or get well wishes, welcome a new pet or say congrats or thank you. There’s even an option for your pet to send a card to a special someone. Not only does your card brighten the day for that special someone, but your gift makes the world a healthier place for animals everywhere.

Award of Excellence

Pay special tribute to your veterinarian with a $500 donation that will support science that improves veterinary care for animals. Morris Animal Foundation will send a beautiful, customized plaque to your veterinarian for display in his or her clinic. Honor your veterinarian.